Oberiths Keep on the Shadowfell

In the beginning

The beginning of the gaming sessions started in Fallcrest. Balasar, Neosis, Teleea, Torinn and Trinity were all students of Master Douven Staul, Master Staul is an instructor of survival tactics as well as a trainer in some martial skills, he is also an avid explorer in the realm. Balasar trained with Trinity and Torinn while Teleea and Neosis trained together. One night, about fourteen days after receiving a letter from Master Staul saying that he was headed west in search of a possible dragon burial site, the characters were simultaneously confronted, individually, by patrols of city guard stating their presence has been requested at Moonstone Keep by Lord Markelhay. All the characters saw that they were overwhelmed and agreed to the audience… that is all but Trinity who decided to fight her way through the guard. She fought well but in the end she failed to overcome her adversaries and was incapacitated then dragged to the dungeons of Moonstone Keep. The remaining characters were escorted to the keep and taken to a richly furnished sitting room where they were stripped of their weapons. While the four were in the sitting room they introduced each other, ate and slept without interruption. Trinity, however, was unconscious until the morning when she was collected (in shackles) and escorted to an audience with Lord Markelhay and the four other party members. The characters were informed that in the recent days the have been, burglaries and murders where the only suspects are themselves and Master Staul. Lord Markelhay gives the characters a chance to prove that they been wrongfully accused of these crimes by eliminating the threats within Kobold Hall. The characters haggle for a short time and agree to new role of exterminators.


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